Oh yes, I love the Saturday

Happy Saturday! I’ve spent most of the morning watching Cesar Milan.  I kinda love him. Also, I love cute things.  Such as:  When art makes the world new When people are hilarious When cupcakes get the treatment they deserve I’ve gotta say, it’s getting harder to find non-crafty cool stuff!  Any suggestions?   Advertisements

Stop Work Already!

Saturdays are my favourite. Even the most prolific, steady creatives need to down tools and do something else – maybe something mindless, maybe something intellectual, maybe something involving mud and tennis balls and a very happy dog.  And this is a weekly post of things we love for moments like those – for Stopwork Saturdays: […]

Come Ply With Us!

Hi guys! We wanted to share some of the fun stuff we do and love and fall over in the interweb-wonderland, but without the tenacity or confidence to leap into regular blogging, we’ve decided to do a mini-blog-experiment, with schedules and themes and fun (alliteration filled) titles.  We’ve been putting off getting started, because, well, […]