I have a problem. Calendars. I love them.

So, I decided to make a list of all of my favourite calendars, because if I can’t buy them all, I can at least encourage others to lust over them with me.

This is the loveliest, most adorable store around, and her patterns and robins calendars are the two that I’m having the hardest time deciding between.  And come on, look at them, wouldn’t you be too?

I think making this list is a bad idea.  It just makes me want ALL OF THEM.  Especially this one.

And then there’s the teeny tiny business card sized calendars.  Does it really count as buying ten calendars when they’re ten tiny ones?

And florals.  Are the getting cooler, or is it just me?  If you’d’ve suggested last year that I go all out floral on anything I would’ve coloured you in ten shades of crazy.  But, I bought two pairs of shoes online the other day, and they’re both, like, grandmas couch and curtains floral.  A change is afoot, crafties.  (Hee, a shoe pun.  I’m so clever.)

Printables are almost harder to resist, aren’t they?  You don’t even have to wait for your adorable honeycombs, or grey and yellow perfection or totally cool Teslas to arrive in the post.  You can just unearth the printer and (in our house) wait ten hours for them to print!

Okay, last and most unique, this is a fabric calendar.  A DIY fabric (more than vaguely floral) calendar.  I mean, really, does it get any cooler?

To recap.  Calendars.  So many.  Also, a lot of flowers.  If you buy one of these babies, for the love of all things holy, please tell me about it, so I can bask in the reflected glory of your calendar-riches.





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