Belly Up to the Space Bar

Good Evening!

Workspace Wednesday is so much fun for me.  I love finding things and spaces and quotes that make me think, and to be able to share them with people other than the ones I hound every day in person (Look how pretty — it has a dresser just for miscellaneous stationery, do you see? /  Did I tell you what I did with that crazy necklace my aunty gave me and I pulled apart with pliers? /  How do you think I can hinge this table without killing someone?).   It’s very gratifying.  It also reminds me that stuff just sits around, all over the world, being beautiful, even when I’m cranky and my hot glue gun’s no longer hot.

Sometimes I like to pretend I could ever fit all of my crafting stuff into a cupboard.

One of those heautiful things that restored my faith in awesomeness and glitter and stuff

If he says I’m a genius it must be true.

Happy Wednesday, and may all of your dreams treat you sweetly, tonight.



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