Stop Work Already!

Saturdays are my favourite.

Even the most prolific, steady creatives need to down tools and do something else – maybe something mindless, maybe something intellectual, maybe something involving mud and tennis balls and a very happy dog.  And this is a weekly post of things we love for moments like those – for Stopwork Saturdays:

My Saturday has consisted of endless cleaning and a complete (well, the sort of complete where everything WILL be moved, but some stuff is just piled in little jetsam islands coz we’re suddenly tired and hungry) reorganisation of the Ply house.  Now, I find it both thrilling and soothing, but it’s pretty boring as far as mini-blog-post themes go.

Actually, I’ve just realised that I’ve spent my Saturday doing work.  Embarrassing.

While I ponder that, please enjoy our links for today, brought to you by the letter O, for Oscar:

Otters — It says watch to 0.37, and it is really, really right.

Open Hearts — Simplicity is so eloquent, isn’t it?

OMG —This goat is the bees knees and also the worst playmate in possibly the entire world

Cute stuff, thy day is Saturday.



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