Let Us Marvel

My computer and phone tell me it’s Monday again.  I’d despair, but it’s time to marvel at stuff, and it’s hard to feel truly despondent when also feeling marvellous. 

Marvellous Monday was created because every Monday as we drag ourselves into the new week, still muddle-brained from the week before and bewildered at the thought that it’s time for our real-life job to start again already, we want to share something pretty that someone else made, just to make the world seem that little bit less menacing.

To smooth out the gritty edges of your day:

An insanely expensive thing of beauty

Forget stars, wish on fish!

When you have the heart, but not the feet

I’d like to apologise for linking so very many things from Etsy, but  I love it too much.  It’s probably a problem, but it’s a beautiful one, so I’m just gonna leave it be.



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