The Second Saturday Stopwork

Happy Weekend!

Even the most prolific, steady creatives need to down tools and do something else – maybe something mindless, maybe something intellectual, maybe something involving mud and tennis balls and a very happy dog.  And this is a weekly post of things we love for moments like those – for Stopwork Saturdays:

The latest episode of our Saturday Stopwork has a theme.  It’s not complicated, dense, or in the least bit symbolic.  I’m sure we’ve all had the sleep deprived moments when we’d give up anything (anything, even our entire collection of Penguin Classics, the chance to hear Mumford and Sons play live, and the last tea bag in the jar) just to get an extra hour’s sleep.

I am in that moment.  So, instead of sacrificing three of the most glorious things known to humankind, I choose to honour the Nap Gods by presenting our links for today:

Lovers — I Could Definitely Go a Hug Right Now

And Dreamers — Even the Bunny Agrees With Me

And Me — Substituting Tea Messes With the Syllables, But the Sentiment Remains

I hope you have a scrumptious Saturday!

Oh, and for a link to the cutest political statement I ever did see, go here.



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