Come Ply With Us!

Hi guys!

We wanted to share some of the fun stuff we do and love and fall over in the interweb-wonderland, but without the tenacity or confidence to leap into regular blogging, we’ve decided to do a mini-blog-experiment, with schedules and themes and fun (alliteration filled) titles.  We’ve been putting off getting started, because, well, projects get scarier the longer you think about them, right?  But it really is time to bite the bullet, so after much steeling of nerves (and a long and rambling introduction, apologies) may Ply present to you the matinee screening of a post we’re calling Workspace Wednesday!!

Workspace Wednesday is made up of three different links, themed around the workspace we all create and sink into when we’re doing creative stuff. 

The first, Making Spaces, is basically a drool-fest, over the literal workspaces that other creative people have made and been kind enough to share on the internet for us all to lust after.  Here is this week’s link-edition:  

An Office to Drool Over

The second link is Head Space.  This is mostly quotes or lyrics, lists or lines; motivational bits and bobs intended to help you make the mental jump from Out in the World to Making Awesome Stuffs.  Today we present:

All the Typography Nuts Sayin’ Hey-Oh

Last of all we have Spatial Inspiration.  This is something beautiful that someone made or did that makes us stare and wonder, and clicks that puzzle piece inside that spurs us off the couch and into the craft room.  The final link:

Some People are so Talented That They Smile and Glitter Rains From the Heavens

I hope you’ve enjoyed our little link-fest!  Enjoy your day!



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